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Large projects requiring massive amounts of wiring might find Al to be cost effective. As of this writing, the NASDAQ shows Cu at $2.14/lb. and Al at $0.73/lb. (3/16).

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The most common material for electrical wire is copper and aluminum, these are not the best conductors however they are abundant and low cost. Gold is also used in applications because it is corrosion resistant.

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SPT-2 Lamp wire is intended for use in SPT-2 Lamp wire is intended for use in small household appliances including clocks lamps radios and fans that are not subjected to hard usage. The 250 ft. black jacketed wire features copper conductor material and is UL listed.

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Also separate aluminum and copper wire for processing. . The insulation is ultimately removed from the conductor by high-speed wire-chopping machines. You can even leave the wire on its spool because the machine will also separate the wood content from the wire. . insulated copper wire, called #1, is copper wire with no other metallic .

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Current Scrap copper Price USD/LB, CNY/MT, Rupee/Ton on 02, October 2018. Current Prices of Copper Scrap Grades #1 Copper Bare Bright Scrap,#1 Copper Wire and Tubing Scrap,#2 Copper Wire and Tubing Scrap,#3 Copper - Light Copper Scrap,#1 Insulated Copper Wire …

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Insulated copper wire used in powering and running elevators, this will have a heavy cloth insulation as well as a steel core. Enameled Copper Coated copper, similar to a dirty copper pipe.

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Copper has been used in electrical wiring since the invention of the electromagnet and the telegraph in the 1820s. The invention of the telephone in 1876 created further demand for copper wire as an electrical conductor.. Copper is the electrical conductor in many categories of electrical wiring. Copper wire is used in power generation, power transmission, power distribution .

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Most of the copper for this wire comes from the nearby bhp Mines and the Cyprus Copper Mines (both in Arizona), where it is refined to a purity of 99.6% before being shipped to csi. At this point, the major impurity in the copper is oxygen, which improves the ductility of the copper.

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Model RTC1 Manual Feed Rigid Tube Cutting Machine is capable of processing copper, aluminum and mild steel. Model RTC1 has an unlimited cut length, is easy to use and offers production flexibility. Model RTC1 has an unlimited cut length, is easy to use and offers production flexibility.

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Cast aluminium alloys yield cost-effective products due to the low melting point, although they generally have lower tensile strengths than wrought alloys. The most important cast aluminium alloy system is Al–Si , where the high levels of silicon (4.0–13%) contribute to give good casting characteristics.

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Welded aluminium alloy bicycle frame, made in the 1990s.. Aluminium alloys (or aluminum alloys; see spelling differences) are alloys in which aluminium (or aluminum alloys; see spelling differences) are alloys in which aluminium

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Taymer manufactures high and low speed wire printing machines for wire harness fabricators, including continuous hot stamp wire markers, UV laser wire markers and InkJet printers for harness fabrication and cable assembly markers, providing printing solutions for the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.

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The Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR) process allows production of the highest quality copper wire rod at the lowest possible cost. Because of the ease of maintenance and operation, the Southwire system has higher availability than competing systems, which further lowers operating costs.

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edm spark erosion portable mini drill machine edm spark erosion portable mini drill machine features : Cut off the tap,broken the bit. 3. Could your engineers go to our factory to install the machine and train our workers9 Yes, our engineers could go to your factory and assist you.

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Copper processing, the extraction of copper from its ores and the preparation of copper metal or chemical compounds for use in various products. In its pure form or as an alloy, copper (Cu) is one of the most important metals in society.

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Industrial Recycling Equipment Premium Selection Paired with Expert Guidance Serving the United States and Canada, Solid Equipment Company is a leading supplier of the world’s most advanced industrial recycling equipment.

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The iScrap App is a great tool to use on the go to fond scrap yards in the area. Download the Free iScrap App to get the full experience of tracking scrap prices near you and contacting local scrap yards.

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For those in rural areas, copper-based connections may be the most cost effective and practical choice, because it’s already in existence in most places. And in places where 4G technology infrastructure has reached, wireless may provide a realistic option, especially as it becomes more prevalent and the technology improves.

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6. when processing time, tracking process programming, easy operation, can achieve network on-line operation. 7. Machine control system for programmable control system (with ordinary taper, fluctuation etc, round, double cone processing sharp-angled transition and similar walking machine functions).


Most recently, we infused our knowledge and know-how gained over the last 15 years of wire processing, combined it with a proven platform, added in a hefty amount of re-engineering along with a top to bottom refresh.

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Eubanks Engineering Co. has designed and manufactured wire processing equipment and tooling in Southern California for more than 60 years. Since we manufacture our own precision wire stripping blades, our machines are able to provide high-quality stripping of almost any type of wire.

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Cable Machinery Providing you the best range of co extruder machine, portal type rewinding line, rewinding line, arm lever type cable winding machine, cable extrusion machine and cable printing machine with effective & timely delivery.

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Most of the copper ores mined in the United States contain only about 1.2-1.6% copper by weight. The most common sulfide ore is chalcopyrite, CuFeS 2 , also known as copper pyrite or yellow copper ore.

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Local and Global – Eraser manufactures machines to process cable, tubing, wire and has served thousands of customers around the world for more than 100 years. Innovation and Leadership – Eraser offers a catalog of products to meet the most demanding wire, cable and tube processing applications.